mynd:ful TEAM

Unlock hidden stores of energy.

Courageously address challenging topics as a team.

Technological shifts bring new opportunities — in the form of business models, innovations, and collaborations. Employees and leaders must work together to make the most of these chances. And that means tackling some important questions:​

  • What does my role in the team look like now — and in the future?
  • What purpose does our team serve within the organisation?
  • How do we deal with change individually and as a team? 
  • What effect do flexibility and agility have on the way we work together?
  • How will our team co-create innovation and change in our company? How can we use that to drive personal growth?

mynd:ful TEAM is for purpose-driven teams, business units and leadership circles

Shared values and open communication are the foundation of all that we do:

  • The initial focus is on the individuals that make up the group. With a clear understanding of their personal preferences and strengths, team members can design authentic roles for themselves and develop into empowered team players. 
  • This creates a team with a shared sense of purpose.
  • As a group, you can take shared responsibility for change, growth and innovation. 
  • Take forward-looking action filled with clarity of purpose.
  • Have fun! Express your team spirit through new ideas and empathetic collaboration

Objectives mynd:ful TEAM

Moving forward with clarity and awareness:

  • Collaboration: Embody appreciation and honesty — openness encourages collaboration and empowers you when dealing with challenges. 
  • Innovation: Gain clarity about what is happening in the present and how you want to shape the future. You embrace novelty and change and see them as a driving force. 
  • Productivity: Build a foundation of trust that allows you to collaborate as a mindful team. You can rely on each other under pressure.

Our digital companion

The online-portal…  

  • can be accessed at any time from your smartphone, laptop or tablet.
  • gives you access to a variety of tools and inspirations.
  • let’s you track your process with mynd:ful measuring.
  • provides orientation and new ideas.
  • connects you with your mynd:way community.

mynd:ful TEAM is for teams who…

  • care deeply about empathy and shared purpose 
  • want to empower everyone in the team to express their best self — professionally and beyond
  • aspire to work productively based on agile values and methods
  • intend to drive the digital transformation and value-based innovation in their companies.