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With mynd:way, change becomes something that people in organisations can experience consciously rather than reacting instinctively with fear. With an open, gentle approach, we help people experience acceptance, a sense of cooperation, and a readiness to change.

At mynd:way, people are the focus of everything we do. The willingness to create change and to transform begins within each individual – and each individual is important. The digital age brings with it great change and uncertainty, but we meet these uncertainties with optimism and a sense of trust.

Our methods are based on research in the fields of neuroscience, agility, and psychological security. These complementary areas of science show us ways to experience change as a natural cycle of life that enables us to experience change as a natural circle.

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Meet us

April 29-30, 2020

Agile HR Conference by HR Pioneers
  • Where: Balloni Hallen, Cologne

  • When: 9:00am – 10:00pm

  • Language: German

  • Keynote by Martina:

  • Agility starts in your head: set the mindful sails

  • +++ more on the digital world of work

April, 3-4, 2020

55+1 Mindful Practices Day
Keynote & Workshop
  • Where: Liane Event Space, Berlin

  • When: all-day

  • Language: German

  • Contents by Martina:

  • Keynote: Agility & mindfulness as a mindset

  • Workshop: Mindful communication as a leader

February 2020

Vortrag: Führung und Agilität
One step ahead: How to empower your workforce for mynd:ful growth
  • Where: Werk 1, Munich

  • When: tbd.

  • Language: English

  • Contents: How does mindfulness support you as a startup?

  • What team do you want and which roles do you need?

  • How does team empowerment lead to mindful growth?

24. November 2020

Vortrag: Agilität in der Führung
Manage Agile 2020
  • Wo: Online

  • Sprache: Deutsch

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