Dr. Martina Dopfer

CEO & Co-Founder

…helps companies of all sizes combine mindfulness and innovation to create sustainable success in an era of rapid change. After 10 years working as head of sales in Berlin-based startups and consulting for companies like Deutsche Telekom, Daimler, and Google, she earned her PhD at the University of St. Gallen, UC Berkeley in California, and at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute in Berlin. During her studies, Martina investigated how the digital business models of startups evolve and develop.

She now explores topics like innovation, entrepreneurship, and digital transformation as a podcaster & blogger, yoga and mindfulness instructor, and startup coach.

​As CEO and co-founder of mynd:way, Martina has found the ideal way to combine her personal and professional passions. This has allowed us to create the profoundly effective  mynd:ways programs — mynd:ful YOU and mynd:ful TEAM

Martina looks forward to sharing the process of transformation and change with you and your colleagues.  

You can now purchase Martina’s book “Achtsamkeit und Innovation in integrierten Organisationen” (currently available only in German).​

“I look forward to meeting you and creating purpose-driven change together.”

​Namasté *

​* translated from Sanskrit: “I bow to the spark within you.”