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In times of home office and remote work, the question of how to collaborate effectively becomes more important. Working digitally is subject to a number of challenges:

Conversations in the coffee kitchen are no longer possible, as is the gathering of all team members in a meeting room. But that does not mean that good collaboration isn’t possible.

myndway offers webinars for individuals and companies in which current challenges are directly addressed.

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Webinar 1:

Collaboration in virtual teams

In virtual team meetings members of the team join by using a variety of different conference systems. Weeklys are held in very limited time slots that address specific questions as well as challenges of current projects. Moving these meetings into virtual space provides the opportunity to bring team members together in different locations of the world at the very same time.

Webinar 2:

Keeping a clear head in turbulent times

Times of crises can also be seen as opportunities. Suddenly, home office and digital work are becoming a new part of everyday life. This allows for completely new ways of focused work, individually and within a team. During this wake up call, we look at mindful methods of dealing with emotions such as insecurity and fear. We also talk about opportunities that are currently emerging in our business life and how everyone is able to make use of them.

Webinar 3:

Leadership over distance

Leadership in times of crisis means maintaining a good balance between vision and the ability to act. In this webinar, we address current challenges in everyday management and approach them using agile and mindful methods. While doing so, we do not lose sight of the current situation and your specific concerns. Dealing with insecurity and existential fears is also discussed, as are technical possibilities for efficient collaboration working from home.

Are you wondering how to develop a mindful and agile mindset?

Masterclass 1:

Working on resilience

Masterclass 3:

Courage for change

Masterclass 2:

Embrace empathy

Masterclass 4:

Agility is a digital skill