Business Development

Marlena Lüneburg

Perceiving trends, convincing through communication and inspiring others is her passion. A pronounced emphatic understanding is crucial in order to be able to respond individually to one’s counterpart.
In the course of her master’s degree in business psychology, Marlena devoted herself to the topic of mindfulness in modern leadership culture and emphasizes the relevance of an reflective exchange in companies in order to be able to grow and learn together. With a focus on personnel psychology, she has already been able to work as an Agile Coach and likes to look at people in the workplace from a psychological perspective. With myndway, Marlena wants to expand the focus on the employee to a focus on the human being.

“Do we always have to self-exploit ourselves first before we experience calmness and balance? For me, mindfulness is an attitude that not only serves as a solution to certain problems, but rather enables a reflected approach to them. For a new way of working together, we have to employ new ways of thinking that support humane economic activity.

I am convinced that mindfulness supports the development of meaningfulness and freedom and I am happy to promote the cultivation of a friendly and mindful attitude towards myself and everyone else in our modern working environment. “