Your How Are You-Dashboard as PDF Download

How often do you ask yourself: “How are you?” Usually, our days pass by quickly without us taking many breaks to tune in. Sometimes, we realize in the evenings how fast the day has passend, sometimes we don’t.


The How How Are You-Dashboard offers a simple and fun way to check in with yourself by using four questions. We recommend this tool for self-reflection. It helps you to gain clarity about your current state and is an easy way to create presence with yourself.


Likewhat, the How Are You-Dashboard has become a great tool for managers and leaders. They got great feedback after using it as a starting point for employee appraisals.


Applying the How Are You-Dashboard individually:

  1. Tune in: Before you start to look at the questions, take a moment to calm down. You can do so by taking 2-4 deep breaths or by just looking outside of your window without focusing on anything.
  2. Look at the questions: Now look at the questions with an open mind. Allow the answers to arise.
  3. Put a mark on the arrow: Mark on the arrow whichever reply came up spontaneously.
  4. Brainwriting: After having set a mark on all the arrows, try to write down all that comes to your mind that explains your replies to the questions. To do so, you can set a timer and just write, without lifting your hand, for 2-5 minutes.
  5. Take a break: Inhale and exhale deeply.
  6. Re-read your answers: Is there any action you would like to take right now to address an identified challenge? Write it down and set it as a goal for the next week.


Using the How Are You-Dashboard with others:

  1. Tune in: Before you start to ask your employee, colleague, or peer any questions, take a moment together to calm down. You can do so by taking 2-4 deep breaths or by just sharing a moment of silence.
  2. Look at the questions: Now ask your conversational partner to meet your questions with an open mind and to allow the answers to arise.
  3. Start to ask: “On a degree from good to bad”, how are you today and go through the four questions.
  4. Mindful listening: Next, invite your conversational partner to explain more deeply what they need to share regarding those four questions. Allow them to speak without interrupting or offering advice.
  5. Take a break: Inhale and exhale deeply.
  6. Mindful sharing: To close, share what you as the listener have heard, what you understood, and maybe even which feelings came up. Close the session with jointly agreeing on possible actions your employee/peer/colleague would like to take right now. Be aware that there may not be anything they want to do right now and that is okay, too.

Have fun exploring how you are with the How Are You-Dashboard.


Yours kindly,

Martina from myndway



If you are curious to learn how you currently feel at work, we would love to invite you to do our short “Happiness at Work-Test” in this link. Feel free to share it with your team. (If you have done it already, great job!)