This is our first english episode! In this episode Martina is having a conversation with Jonathan Reynolds, CEO of Mindful Life, Mindful Work in San Fransisco. He is talking about some personal insights and shares great wisdom with us. Also in this episode:
– How does mindfulness apply to self liberation?
– the difference between space and distance and how we can bring awareness to shared spaciousness
– how we can bring empathy in the digital space

Here you can also think about how you can find your personal mindfulness practice and that it’s okay to take some time to find out.

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Jonathan Reynolds

„They feel like the situation dictates the terms. I just found that once you situated in awareness, that can no longer be true.“

Key Take Aways

1. A lot of our difficulties come from stirring things up
2. We overidentify with our roles and by that – loose space
3. Realness is the key for empathy

About Jonathan

Jonathan is founder and CEO of Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jonathan’s business and leadership coaching clarifies and leverages the value propositions and key relationships of his clients. Jonathan’s academic background includes the study of biology, philosophy, psychology, and an executive leadership certificate from Cornell University. Since 1997, Jonathan has trained extensively in the discipline of mindfulness, and his work with leaders emphasizes simple and practical ways to improve performance, efficiency, and workplace cultures by integrating mindfulness sensibilities.

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