Grow with kindness and love in our next English episode. In this episode Dr. Martina Weifenbach talks to Joy Ravelli and Eric Kendall-Sparks, the owners of Purusha Yoga School in San Francisco.

In this joyful and deep conversation, you will learn more about
– how Eric and Joy serve their yogic and wider community in San Francisco
– how they manage to be a loving married couple as well as co-founders and business partners
– why kindness is a chance to live with lighness and the freedom to embrace humility.

Joy Ravelli is an entrepreneur, community creator, and teacher/guide. She is the Founder of Purusha Yoga Studio, School & Seva Project. Joy is a life long explorer of all things wild and wonderful from the depths of the forest to the places in one’s soul that spark the truth. Joy leads retreats, offers personal guidance, and teaches online world wide yoga certifications in holistic yoga therapy.

Eric found yoga years ago through his professional dance career. Yoga was a transition for Eric and helped him find his path of curiosity.

Find out more:

Tune in and become inspired by Joy’s and Eric’s story.
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Joy Ravelli

 Eric Kendall-Sparks

“Maybe you don’t know what you’re asking or what you’re looking for but you’re there, you’re curious and then you tap into that curiosity.”

Key Take Aways

1) A community needs to be divers to ensure inclusivity and representation for people of all backgrounds and experiences
2) Cultivating a relationship with your truth involves diverse pathways such as the physical body, the mind, and creative expression, fostering connection through varied approaches.
3) “Passion is: When you know that you got something, there is no way people can’t hear you.”

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