“Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion. It’s had a big impact on my work.”

Steve Jobs

Intuition – we all possess it and we all have access to it. In times of uncertainty and change, the rational mind attempts to make decisions based on prior knowledge within known settings. While it is human to go back to the known to formulate decision and action, it is not always what is most helpful. In fact, established routines do not necessarily work in the digital age.

Fostering continuous growth within the digital era depends vitally on good decisions of empowered humans within an agile workforce.

Fostering continuous growth within the digital era depends on decisions of empowered humans within an agile workforce. Intuition is what we need. Intuition is what makes us humans agile and empowered. Intuition is a deep place within that provides us with new and different ideas, the faith to follow through and the wisdom to act accordingly.

  • How can we make intuition an integral informant to what we do?

Intuition is a chance for humans to fully show up at work and in life. Intuition is a power source. Let me explain what I mean by that: Instead of hiding behind roles, achievements and power plays, we can bring our passions, capabilities and desires to work. As every colleague, every peer, every manager and every leader does so, we create a working environment of psychological safety. Mutual understanding and appreciation of everyone’s unique gifts fosters empowerment and an eagerness to grow together.

Showing up fully as yourself is the chance to see others and to be seen by others. While this kind of recognition goes outwards, it also allows to fully look inside yourself and to see and cherish what is there.

  • How can we allow intuitive thoughts and actions to surface within our organisations? 

When we curiously look inside, we tap into who we truly are. It is the moment to connect with our deeper wisdom – our intuition.


Can you relate to the following situation? 

You have to decide quickly on an important matter. Although you draw a blank, an idea unexpectedly evolves. You instantly know that is the thing to do. Your intuition is speaking.


Now, let us take this a step further in 2 scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: Your colleagues have listened to your idea and let it sink in. Next, you all start to discuss it from various angles in an appreciative manner.
  • Scenario 2: Your colleagues have listened to you and instantly start to find obstacles, critical aspects and reasons for failure.


How do you feel in both scenarios?

The more we foster Scenario 1 in our workplace, the more we allow our personal intuition and the intuition of our peers to speak. We can do so through positive communication, mutual encouragement and sentences like “and what…” instead of “yes, but…”,

That deep, honest and curious look inside is when we tap into who we truly are.

  • How can we grow from a place of connection and integration? 

Acting based on intuition as an empowered group of colleagues and peers comes with many chances: It creates an opportunity to form relationships of encouragement and knowing each other. It is a chance to share moments of success and celebrate them together. Ultimately, it allows for individual as much as organisational growth within an agile community.

Let’s briefly summarise this:

  • Intuition is a power source for the agile community. You realize an intuitive thought, when the thought arises spontaneously, without much thinking and from a place deep within.
  • Intuitive decision and action is fostered by an appreciative, supportive and encouraging work environment.
  • Honest interest in each other, real conversations and the acknowledgement of everyone’s unique potential are the ground for collective intuitive action within times of change and uncertainty.


What are your experiences with intuition at work?

I would love for you to share your learnings and insights with us.


About the author:

Dr. Martina Dopfer is CEO & Co-founder of myndway. mynd:way offers mindful learning journeys for employees, leaders, teams, and organizations. Martina is a mindfulness coach and provides guidance from the heart in personal coachings. Intuition and tapping into it at work is an essential part of her work.

Martina has a PhD in economics from the University of St. Gallen and is a startup- and mindfulness coach. Over the past 10 years, she has accumulated her digital expertise through working in online marketing startups, in the digital units of large corporate firms, and as a consultant for digital business model innovations.

Her book „Achtsamkeit und Innovation in integrierten Organisationen“ was published  in December 2019.



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