Mindfulness at work has become the talk of the town. And that is great. The more people talk about it, the more we increase the awareness for what mindfulness at work is not.

Being mindful is being present with yourself and others. It is an awareness of your physical sensations as well as your emotions. In our fast-paced world, we often forget to stand still and to just tune in. Days go by during which we have not once asked ourselves: „Hey, how are you actually?“

So, let me ask you know kindly: „How are you today?“

Let`s try to gather some quick ways to detect you are stressed:


In the last month, how often have you felt stressed?

If you spontaneously wanted to reply “fairly often” or „often“, you might feel stressed right now, too.

Do you generally suffer from one or more of the following symptoms: depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, communication problems, focus & productivity issues.

If you answered yes to any of the symptoms, you might want to look at them a little more closely.

Do you feel that you are able to accomplish your current workload within internal deadlines or expectations?

If you replied “disagree”, this could be a sign for a feeling of pressure, too.




In a next step, allow us to provide some recommendations of how to foster presence and mindfulness in your daily life:



Try to take 3-5 minutes in the morning, after lunch or in the afternoon to just pause and breathe. We recommend the following breathing exercise:

  • Find stillness and deeply in- and exhale once. Let all the air in your lungs out.

  • Then inhale and count until 4. After that exhale and count until 8.

  • Repeat that up to 10 times.

After that tune into your body and just listen. What do you feel? What do you sense?



Do you know those moments when you sit at your desk and just start browsing. You end up scrolling through various social media without even fully realizing what you are doing.

We call these moments of procrastination. What if you could use those phases mindfully?

You could put some headphones in your ears, close your eyes for a moment and just imagine a beautiful place in nature, e.g., at the beach or on a mountaintop. Enjoy the view and inhale the fresh air. Let your imagination flow for around 5 minutes.

Then come back to your workplace with a new sensation of calm.

We hope that you enjoyed these little practices and we are happy to share more of these exercises with you.

We would be delighted, if you shared more of the exercises that work for you in the comments below.


Thanks so much.


Your myndway Team



If you are curious to learn how you currently feel at work, we would love to invite you to do our short “Happiness at Work-Test” in this LINK. Feel free to share it with your team. (If you have done our test already, great job!)


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